10 Things to do at Tims Ford Lake in the Winter

Make your winter vacation plans now with these 10 things to do at Tims Ford Lake.

10 Things to do at Tims Ford Lake in the Winter

Tims Ford Lake is known for being one of the most popular recreational lakes in Tennessee. In the summer months, you’ll find families out on the water all day long, enjoying boating, swimming, tubing, water skiing, and more. 

And while the summer offers travelers an outstanding warm weather experience at Tims Ford Lake, did you know that winter is a magical time at the lake? Serene waters, cool temperatures, and the occasional snow make Tims Ford Lake a cozy winter retreat.

We love the lake all year round, and today our Twin Creeks resort team is sharing our # favorite things to do at Tims Ford Lake in the winter. 

No. 1: Rent a cozy waterside cottage. 

The Glamper Twin Creeks Waterside Cottage

Nothing says cozy lakeside stay like having a water view. Our Twin Creeks lake vacation rentals, the waterside cottages, offer some of the only genuine waterfront cabins at Tims Ford Lake. Each four-bed, three-bath cottage offers seven beds, sleeping up to fourteen guests. Fully equipped kitchens, two indoor and two outdoor living spaces, and in-unit laundry facilities make them perfect for a family, couples, or friends’ getaway. And the best thing: the views! Each cottage is lakefront, with easy access to a private or shared dock, offering plenty of space to enjoy time on or by the water. 

No. 2: Hike Tims Ford State Park.

Not only is Tims Ford Lake known as one of the most beautiful lakes in Tennessee, it's also unique in that it encompasses one of the most popular state parks. Tims Ford State Park offers over 3,500 acres of lakeside and wooded walking and hiking trails suitable for the entire family.

Take in the fresh air, get some exercise, and try spotting local wildlife like whitetail deer, chipmunks, and hundreds of species of birds (including the bald eagle) during your visit.

No. 3: Pick up artisanal breads and local baked goods. 

Just a ten-minute drive from Winchester and Twin Creeks Marina and Resort is a hidden gem, the Swiss Pantry, in nearby Belvidere. The Swiss Pantry has been specializing in traditional Mennonite baked goods like breads, cakes, and Christmas fruitcakes, as well as offering cheeses, deli meats, and bulk foods for over thirty-five years. 

No. 4: Relax by a lakeside fire.

The only thing cozier than relaxing by the fire with a good book and cup of hot chocolate (or glass of wine) is to be able to gaze out the window at the lake while doing it. When searching for a lake vacation rental at Tims Ford Lake, consider renting one with a gas fireplace.

At Twin Creeks Waterside Cottages, our guests love the fireplaces in our open main-floor living spaces. The space features spacious seating, big picture windows with lakefront views, and opens into the fully stocked kitchen with additional bar seating, perfect for relaxing for the entire crew.   

No. 5: Make the most of the winter sunshine. 

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? It’s a trick question! You shouldn’t have to choose!

You might love to sit wrapped in a quilt enjoying the sunrise (and a steaming cup of coffee!) from your second-floor deck. Or perhaps, you’d prefer cruising the lake at midday to enjoy the bright sun. Or maybe lounging on the terrace watching the sunset while sipping a warm mug of spiced wine sounds like your idea of a terrific getaway. Even with the limited daylight in winter, there is still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sun. 

No. 6: Go bass fishing.

Tims Ford Lake offers some of the best bass fishing in the state, and late winter is an excellent time to finish for smallmouth bass. Rent a boat, bundle up, and see if the fish are biting on what’s sure to be a peaceful day out on the water.

No. 7: Visit Historic Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Ok, so not precisely Tims Ford Lake, but no visit to Middle Tennessee would be complete without a visit to Historic Lynchburg. Known as the birthplace of Jack Daniels Whiskey, Lynchburg is home to the Jack Daniels Distillery, one the most well-known and most visited distilleries in the United States. Visit historic Lynchburg and get steeped in the stories being Jack Daniel and the most iconic whiskey in the country. 

Daily tours, tastings, a quaint downtown with various shops and sights, and the famed Southern restaurant, Miss Mary Bobo’s, complete your visit to Lynchburg.

No. 8: Play a round of golf. 

If you love golf, you’ll love the nearby Bear Trace Golf Course at Tims Ford. This Jack Niklaus-designed public course sits on a peninsula at Tims Ford Lake. The unique landscape features rolling hills, wooded landscapes, and lake views. 

No. 9: Spend quality time with your family. 

One of the big advantages of a winter lakeside getaway is that you can get out of the busy hustle of everyday life. Unlike other vacations where you’re constantly moving, these easy retreats offer unparalleled opportunities to spend time together. 

Baking cookies, putting puzzles together, taking nature walks, visiting nearby attractions, or just relaxing with popcorn and a good movie by the fire are just some of the best times you can have at the lake.  

No. 10: Get inspired.

Whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, getting out of the city to a gorgeous lakeside retreat can be good for creativity. A new environment has been known to promote creative thinking and inspiration. Who knows, you might dream up a new product or new way to approach a challenging project. And spending time disconnecting can help you see opportunities in any area of your life with a fresh perspective. Couldn’t we all use a little of that?

Tims Ford Lake offers many relaxing and enjoyable opportunities, and our Twin Creeks team can help bring your lake vacation to life. Book your Waterside Cottage today.