7 Questions to Ask When Booking Your Lake Rental

Use these seven questions when you search for lake house rentals today.

7 Questions to Ask When Booking Your Lake Rental

Romantic getaways and family vacations are terrific ways to spend time together and relax.

With the days finally getting longer again, now a great time to start looking forward to your spring and summer vacations. 

If you’re like many of us, you’re rethinking the way you travel in 2022, and you might be considering renting a lake house for the first time. But whether you’re new to lake vacation rentals or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s a good idea to consider these seven questions before booking your family’s next vacation.

1 - What type of vacation real estate is best for my family?

Hotels can be preferred options for single travelers, groups of friends, and families who eat most meals and find entertainment outside their accommodations. But in addition to the costs of dining out every meal, you’ll have to consider how many rooms it will take to accommodate everyone. Other things to think about are city noises in and around the hotel, parking fees, cleaning and sanitization measures, and the like. All of these can tack on extra hassles and can increase costs.

If you think you'd like relaxing and spreading out in a fully furnished home away from home, consider quality single-family lake houses, waterside cabins, or luxury lake houses. The best ones come with all the creature comforts. State-of-the-art kitchens, stylish decorations, luxury linens, washers and dryers, and backyard grills can provide a terrific backdrop to your family’s getaway.  Resort communities also add another layer of comfort by providing beautifully maintained lawns and sparking community pools and easy access to adventure activities like kayaking, biking, boat rentals, community beaches, tennis courts, and so on. 

2 -What do pictures and reviews say about the property?

A picture is worth a thousand words. When viewing potential lake houses, check out all the photos and ask yourself if you can see your group enjoying time here. What's the proximity to lakes? How picture-perfect are the views? Does it look like somewhere you want to stay? Also, online reviews can help you get an idea of what other guests have thought of the location, bedrooms, convenience to everything, and how a property host or owner responded to any issues. 

Also, consider whether you’re comfortable renting from an individual or if you would prefer renting your lake home from a professional resort community. The benefits of renting from a resort community often include a flexible cancelation policy, more onsite staff availability during your stay, and professional cleaning services before and after your vacation. 

Pro Tip: If you book your vacation directly with the lake home community, you’ll often find better rates and special offers.


3 - What is my budget?

Family visiting state park

When making your budget, be sure to compare apples to apples. Factor in how much you have to spend on accommodations, activities, travel, and dining. Then decide how to use your budget in the way that makes the most sense. 

Renting an entire lake home is often a budget-friendly way to travel with friends because you can usually eliminate or reduce several costs. You can save a lot when you don’t have to pay for parking, laundry services, eating out every meal, and so on. Plus, think about how nice it is to have a fully-equipped kitchen, a blender for fruity mixed drinks, and a private grill for cooking and spending time outdoors together. 

Outside of the lake home, resort amenities like a private dock, community pools, easy access to the lake and hiking trails, affordable boat, kayak, and other watersport rentals, can also save you money and time when planning your vacation.


4 - Who is maintaining the property and cleaning before our stay?

You need peace of mind when you travel any time, especially these days. Watch for signs or notations online that suggest the lake home is being professionally cleaned and sanitized before your stay. Managed properties can be the right choice as they usually hire professional cleaners, launderers, and maintenance staff to make sure your lake home or villa is in pristine condition for your arrival.

5 - What are the top property amenities that we need to feel at home?

Think about what you and your family need to feel comfortable. For example, if you need to work a little on your vacation or have teenagers that will want some computer time, you’ll want to choose a lake home with wifi and space for you to have some privacy to make that easier. 

If your ideal vacation sounds like unwinding with a glass of wine at sunset, look at homes or cabins with lake views and comfortable balcony and covered porches. Have kids who love to swim or water ski but don’t want to worry about the dangers of having a pool on the property? Consider a community that has a gated pool to visit safely.  

Make a wish list of amenities to look for when you’re researching. And be sure to think about how comfortable the space will feel if you stay in for a day because of the weather. The right lake rental can be a terrific place for quality time and family fun, in all four seasons, no matter the weather. 


6 - How close will the lake and fun activities be?

Friends enjoying boating adventure

Proximity to the lake and a wide array of activities is a huge part of what makes a stay hassle-free. Have you ever stayed “near” the beach, only to be forced to lug all your own chairs, drinks, beach toys, and assorted belongings several blocks before you ever saw white sand? That’s no fun and adds a layer of stress that you don’t need on vacation. Choose a lake home that’s close to the majority of your planned activities. Also, check to see if the community provides golf carts for rent or offers golf cart shuttles for free around the property for when you want to ride.  

You want to be close to the lake, pool, fire pits, and other amenities. But it’s also a good idea to  book a property tucked away from a public road, such as a lakefront waterside cottage or a lake house located inside a gated community like Twin Creeks. You don’t want to have to worry about your family being in danger if you’re staying too close to a busy road. 

7 - What does the local area have to offer?

You might want to stay in your lake home and soak up every last moment of relaxation with the ones you love. But if you think you may want to go off on an adventure, check out what the local area has to offer. Open-air lakefront restaurants, a unique or historic downtown, a nearby state park, and public tennis or sand volleyball courts can really make your vacation memorable. 

No matter what type of lake home you choose, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be getting the opportunity to have fun with the people you love. 

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