8 Reasons Families Are Moving to Tennessee

8 Reasons Families Are Moving to Tennessee

8 Reasons Families Are Moving to Tennessee

Have you heard the news? Tennessee has once again made it into the list of top states to move to!

Each year, a moving migration report is published, which shows the top states for both inbound and outbound moving. Since 2020, Tennessee has been among the top three states with the most inbound migration, according to the report. You might think that Tennessee is only about country music and Tennessee whiskey, but there's so much more to the Volunteer State!

Read on for eight reasons families decided to make the move to Tennessee in 2022, with the trend expected to continue this year.

No. 1: A desire to live closer to nature

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Since 2020, there has been renewed interest in outdoor recreation. This prioritization of quality of life has caused thousands of Americans to decide to relocate their families to states with warmer climates, milder seasons, and plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family.

This renewed appreciation for the outdoors makes Middle Tennessee a top choice for families who want to be closer to nature. Just outside Nashville, you'll find historic national parks, over a dozen renowned state parks, and plenty of outdoor recreation options. One of the most beautiful lakes in the state, known as one of the best lakes for recreation in the enter Southeastern United States can be found right here in Middle Tennessee: Tims Ford Lake.

Tims Ford Lake spans 10,700 acres across Southern Middle Tennessee and surrounds the 3,400-acre state park of the same name. And with miles of lakefront and wooded walking and hiking trails, recreation areas, and marinas, there's no shortage of outdoor activities.

No. 2: Nearness to popular local attractions

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Tims Ford Lake, in particular, is an attractive choice for people looking to relocate. Besides being home to many parks and lakes, it's also a short drive away from some of the most popular destinations in the nation. Nashville, Graceland, The Great Smoky Mountains (the most visited national park!), Chattanooga, The University of the South, and Pigeon Forge, are all within a few hours' drive of the lake.

Music lovers rejoice at the thought of calling Tennessee home, and not just in the country music capital of Nashville. Whether you're at the airport, one of the many music festivals, or at a local lakeside bar and restaurant, you'll find talented performers throughout Tennessee playing everything from country music to rock n roll, to blues, and more. The music scene is alive and well in the Volunteer State.  

No. 3: Affordable luxury lifestyle communities

Tims Ford Lake is home to several affordable luxury communities that offer unique properties nestled in nature, including our own Twin Creeks Village. Resting alongside Tims Ford Lake in Winchester, Tennessee, Twin Creeks offers a laid-back luxury lifestyle to people of all ages. An onsite marina, a year-round (heated) pool, a clubhouse, and miles of community grounds and walking trails leading to Tims Ford State Park make Twin Creeks a terrific place to live or retire.

No. 4: Low cost of living

With mild climates, warm summers, and lots of outdoor activities, it's no surprise that families are moving South. But Tennessee residents also benefit from something else that makes the state a truly desirable destination: a low cost of living.

Tennessee is one of only eight states without a state income tax, along with Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. But unlike many of those states, Tennessee also boasts low property taxes. This means that family housing budgets can stretch further. Instead of high property tax bills, homeowners can spend their budgets on building more home equity or other living expenses that meet their family's needs.

No. 5: Lake living for a fraction of the cost

Part of the affordability associated with Tennessee means even lake homes are more affordable than in other parts of the country. And that means you can buy or build near a lake and start living lake life right away. With a public marina with boat slips and one of the most popular restaurants in town, Twin Creeks helps new Tennessee residents bring their dream homes to life.

No. 6: Space to spread out

With the prevalence of remote work, many people now need space for home offices. But extra space can be challenging to come by in cramped urban settings. That's another reason people are bidding 'goodbye' to the city in favor of more rural locations.

In Tennessee, for example, costs to build are lower than in other states, while lot and home sizes tend to be larger. This means that families can afford larger houses with more amenities when they move out of more densely populated locations. And who doesn't want a lakeside office?

No. 7: Business is booming

Tennessee is still a great place to call home, even if you're not a remote worker. Tennessee continues to see businesses and companies moving or expanding into the state. These moves bring more jobs, and pay is competitive in the current Tennessee job market.

Moreover, Tennessee is also known for being friendly to businesses, making it an attractive place to start a business for the entrepreneurial at heart.

No. 8: Southern charm

Perhaps one of the least-known reasons people move to Tennessee is the people! People smile and wave to you on the water, neighbors become friends, and weekly events bring people together during the season and all year long.

Steeped in that laid-back lake style, you'll find people out and about. Boats filled with families and friends cruise, water ski ,and tube on Tims Ford Lake during the summer. And during the season at local restaurants like Drafts and Watercrafts, friends and neighbors gather to have drinks, play trivia, or listen to live music. After all, community that plays together, stays together.

With so much to do in such a fantastic location, it's easy to see how Tennessee ranked as the third most popular state to move to in the entire United States.

Is moving to TN right for you?

Deciding where to move is a big decision, but we can help. Visit us at Twin Creeks Marina, Resort, and Village in Middle Tennessee to see if moving to our piece of Southern paradise is right for you.

*adapted from blog written for sister community, Tennessee National.