6 Reasons to Have a Lakefront Wedding in Tennessee

Reasons to choose a lakeside venue for your Middle Tennessee wedding.

6 Reasons to Have a Lakefront Wedding in Tennessee
Lakefront wedding

Gorgeous scenery, magical moments, and unique seasonal experiences make a lakefront wedding a must.

When you’re planning your dream wedding, you have a lot to consider. Do you opt for the large church affair or go with a more intimate setting? At home or destination? Summer lovin’ or crisp autumn air? So many choices!

Many couples love the idea of a stunning waterfront wedding but give up on the dream because of costs, travel, and hassle-factor often associated with beachfront weddings. But before you decide to opt for a land-locked event, there’s another waterfront experience to consider: a gorgeously unique lakefront wedding. 

Today, we’re sharing six reasons a lakefront wedding can make all your wedding dreams come true. 

1. Get a unique waterfront experience

Wedding by the water

There’s no denying a waterfront venue is a fantastic place to say “I do.”  Middle Tennessee is home to several beautiful lakes that could be the perfect backdrop to your special day. A lake wedding can be as unique as you want it to be. Rustic and lively? Romantic and serene? Elaborate and elegant? The answer is a resounding yes.  

With breathtaking views, open-air lakefront chapels, and historic southern magnolia trees, a lakeside wedding can deliver a wedding experience that’s unlike any you’ve ever attended. 

2. Hold a destination wedding without the sacrifices

One major drawback to a beachfront wedding is having to trim the guest list down to accommodate a destination wedding. With most of the guests having to fly in, it can also add a lot of stress that you just don’t need. 

A lakefront wedding can give you the feel of a destination wedding without cutting your guest list or paying for expensive oceanfront travel and accommodations. For guests, it means a short drive by car or an easy domestic flight - all of which are more appealing than ever in the wake of COVID-19. 

3. Save money

Beautiful Bride Beautiful Lake

Beach destinations aren’t just tricky to get to; they also come with a hefty price tag. When you choose a lakefront wedding, you often get all of the natural beauty without the inflated prices for the venue, ceremony, travel, other wedding services, and hotel or beach house accommodations. 

Some lakefront venues, such as Twin Creeks Events less than 90 minutes from Nashville, Tennessee, offer affordable pricing and packages as well as unique rental accommodations for wedding parties and guests. Lake villas, a lakefront RV resort, and brand-new waterside cottages are some of the ways guests can stay and enjoy your wedding in beautiful properties fand locations for just about any budget.  

4. Take one-of-a-kind photos

Your wedding day will fly by, and you want to make sure that your wedding photos capture every moment. Photographers love lakefront weddings because there are so many extraordinary photo opportunities in and around nature that their vision and creativity can shine.

No matter your style, there are hundreds of ways to tell your wedding story through photography. Together the gorgeous grounds, spectacular views, and you and your spouse-to-be are the perfect combination to produce extraordinary photos to last a lifetime. 

No. 5: Spend extra time with the people you love.

Because lakefront weddings are both affordable and easy to access, you can seamlessly turn your wedding into a wedding weekend. Post-wedding brunches, family reunions, planned golf outings, and sunset cruises are some of the activities you can plan to enjoy with the people who came to celebrate with you. Start your new life together by making special lake memories with your newly-combined family. 

5. Be surrounded by beauty in nearly any season

Beautiful Lake

A Tennessee lakefront venue can be one of the most distinctive wedding locales because the natural beauty differs from season to season. New growth and budding flowers in spring, lush foliage in summer, and breathtaking leaves in the fall make for a magical special day. 

6. Partner with a dedicated team to make your day flawless.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. Finding a venue for the ceremony, deciding where to host the reception, hiring an officiant, sourcing wedding vendors, and selecting cake and catering providers can add a lot to your already full plate. 

Tucked away lakefront wedding venues often offer you all-inclusive wedding packages that include everything to make your day flawless. Unique ceremony space, a reception venue, catering and bar services, styling services, all the way to having a dedicated wedding planner to manage every detail before, during, and after your event are some of the experiences you should be able to expect with the right lakefront wedding venue. 

Twin Creeks Events has everything you need to design the perfect wedding for you and your intended. Contact us for a tour to learn how we can make your day unforgettable in all the best possible ways.

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