7 Things to Look for in a Winter Lake Vacation Rental

No snow shoes needed for your perfect winter retreat

7 Things to Look for in a Winter Lake Vacation Rental
7 Things to Look for in a Winter Lake Vacation Rental

When daylight is short and the work day is long, it’s easy to succumb to the winter blues. But nothing chases away seasonal sadness like having a vacation to look forward to. 

Renting a lake house and slipping away to a Tennessee waterfront retreat is the perfect way to make the most of the winter season without buying or renting a bunch of pricy ski equipment or taking out additional accident insurance. 

We're sharing a few essential tips to help you plan the perfect lake vacation this winter. Read on for seven things to look for when booking a winter lake vacation rental. 

No. 1: Easy access from the airport

Let’s face it. If you’re not used to driving in snowy or icy conditions, going North in the winter can be intimidating. One of the advantages of choosing a southern destination like Middle Tennessee is that you can enjoy the cool, crisp air and the beautiful scenery without much worry about road conditions and getting snowed in. 

When searching for a winter retreat, research the weather conditions, such as average temperatures, precipitation, and the like. 

A destination like Middle Tennessee can be attractive because the winters are usually milder than other places, making it easy to navigate by air and car, even if you’re not from the area.

No. 2: Close proximity to the lake

Twin Creeks Waterside Cottage

When you choose a lake house rental during any season, you probably already factor in how close to the lake it is, but this is especially important in the winter. While some might love to spend the day tromping through the cold or taking polar plunges, you might want to balance outdoor sessions with indoor activities. 

It’s a good idea to plan your stay with that balance in mind so you don’t have to spend time commuting between the lake and your accommodations. 

Picture this: a brisk morning walk, an afternoon fireside snooze, and an evening spent watching the sunset and grilling out with the family before settling in with a glass of wine by the fire. Winter bliss? We think so. 

Choose waterfront accommodations with both easy access to the lake and exceptional views. A waterside cottage allows you to enjoy the lake indoors or out. Slip out for a hike, nature walk, or lake cruise, and then step back in periodically for a hot drink or to lounge by the fire. Staying lakeside is the way to go for a stress-free winter retreat.  

No. 3: A cozy fireplace

No magical winter retreat would be complete without a warm fireplace and a cozy fire. 

When searching for a lake vacation rental in the winter, look at pictures online to get a feel for the layout and style. Can you see you and your friends and family enjoying an afternoon together by the fire? Consider booking a vacation rental with a fireside living room with cozy seating, water views, and an open floor plan connected to a functional kitchen so everyone can engage with each other, even during meal or snack preparation.  

No. 4: Room for friends

A lakeside cottage is perfect for family reunions, friends’ getaways, or company retreats. In the winter, it’s especially good if you’re looking for a relaxing time to connect with each other. Enjoy meals or drinks on a covered deck, make meals or play games together inside, and spend time outdoors cruising the lake, hiking, birdwatching, or on a team scavenger hunt. 

Consider a lake vacation rental with plenty of space for the whole crew. Besides bedrooms and the total number of beds, choosing a property with multiple bathrooms, additional living spaces and TVs, and plenty of cozy seating indoors and out is a good idea. While togetherness is what you’re after, you still probably want enough room to spread out to enjoy different activities.

No. 5: A fully-equipped kitchen

Like at home, winter weather often means you want to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean you need to live off takeout during your vacation! 

Look for a vacation rental with a fully-equipped kitchen, seating, and everything you need to make your vacation memorable. Love baking cookies and watching Hallmark Channel? We know just how you feel. Things like coffee pots, corkscrews, basic cooking and baking supplies, and dishes make a vacation rental feel more like home…without the clutter. 

No. 6: Big windows

With fewer daylight hours in the winter, you want to maximize your views during the day and evening.  

The best lake vacation rentals for winter will have plenty of big windows and glass doors looking out over the lake. In fact, did you know that exposure to natural light makes you healthier? It allows you to take in Vitamin D, which can improve your sleep quality and help you feel better overall. See? You clearly need a lake vacation, you know, for your health. 

No. 7: Access to reliable Wi-Fi

Ok, ok, we know that getting off the grid isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. You don’t have to disappear from civilization on your family vacation if you don’t want to. 

If connecting for a couple of hours a day (or more) is crucial for you to relax and worry less while you’re away from the office, then you’ll want to choose a vacation rental with free Wi-Fi that’s reliable.

A lake vacation is terrific any time of year, but there is something magical about a winter retreat. Twin Creeks Waterside Cottages are in Twin Creeks Marina, Resort & Village on Tims Ford Lake, just a short drive out of Nashville. Book any of our four-bedroom, three-bathroom waterside cottages today and prepare for your next lake vacation.